based on
a *CRAZY* true story

What does impossible mean? Well … I guess that’s something I’ve always been asking myself. 

From growing up on the Southside of Chicago to receiving a Youth Medal of Honor for Outstanding Community Service to going on to attend one of the top universities in the US, my earlier years were both challenging and centering. Truth is: I’ve always been an eclectic mix of interests & passions challenging the stories and limitations that I and others have tried to place on me.

And throughout everything I’ve been through … I have come to discover (rather reluctantly at times) that I am the head designer and creative director of my own life and journey. But here's the thing…

I wasn’t always this grounded and empowered. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Heck, I won’t even kid you and make it seem like I now have everything figured out (ahem). 

Truth is: I’ve failed, fallen and f*cked up so many times throughout my life that I could write a new book about what not to do. With full transparency, my mental health journey started a long time ago when I was a young boy. I was constantly rejected and made fun of as a kid and often felt alienated. I’ve said the right things to the wrong people. I’ve been in deep dark depression. And I almost lost my life. But more on that in a bit...

To say the least, it’s been one hell of a journey.

AND here's the thing. Throughout all the challenges & obstacles … hidden inside them all were tremendous gifts as well. With all the trials and errors, I’ve also been able to learn and discover a lot. About myself. About others. About the world. About clarity & vision. And about how a lot of things work. 

Frankly, I’m a big nerd and I love it.


Born & raised on the Southside of Chicago. My forever home and place of total reckoning. This is where the artist inside of me was born - and my affinity for personal growth and writing. If it wasn’t for the love of my family, neighbors and the arts - who knows…

Pre 2000s

Graduated from Vanderbilt University (Go Dores!) after a gap year studying abroad, traveling the world and learning more about life. This is also the time when I began to deepen in the meditation practice that I discovered in high school.


Resigned from my dream job doing Global Brand Strategy & Creative Direction at DreamWorks Animation. Honestly because I wanted to have a closer connection to my clients and well ... because I knew that I’d already met the love of my life. The twist:
she happened to live in another country.




Diagnosed with stage-four cancer and from the beginning, I didn’t allow myself or anyone to refer to me as simply ‘a patient.’ I learned a lot and went on to have a life-saving transplant coupled with tons of alternative treatments. Then it was all sunshine & rainbows, right?! Nah. No one ever told me how hard the first year of remission could be. Depression ensued and an even deeper healing journey began. Gratitude and self-compassion became my saving grace.


The journey of entrepreneurship began! And so did living in Australia. But who am I kidding? The first few months looked exactly like this: wake up, have no idea what to do ... go lay on the couch. Then not too long after, I went on to do my first $1 Million in sales from consulting
& sales. I was pretty happy that day!


Moving Forward … I made a commitment to follow more of my f*ck yes(es) meaning ‘do more of what lights me up and honor myself’ … while still supporting others along the way because my life wouldn’t be complete without it. I went back to ‘school’ and successfully received certifications in facilitating, human skills & investing and I consciously decided to finally move forward with my life.


Just getting started and I'm so damn grateful for it all. Today, I'm building & creating stuff that makes a difference and that helps others (and me). Keep scrolling down to learn more about what I’m currently up to.



This goes for you. For me. And everyone else. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that we are all our greatest architects - if we choose to be. But here’s the thing … to truly, truly embody this - well - that’s both the ongoing challenge and the quest. That’s the real work.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. What a great statement, right? When you actually take a few moments to step back and truly consider this: What are my dreams? What’s really important to me in my life, and why? And probably the most critical question of all: What’s currently getting in the way?  ... What comes up?

Well today, most of my ventures are focused on helping others uncover those answers. Along with several partners, I’ve been able to help 100,000s of people make shifts in their lives through cool projects, products & experiences. Here are a few of my ventures:

Now I use my story and journey to help others transform theirs.

So what does impossible mean?
Well, it means 'I’m Possible.'





onelife as a philosophy is both a reminder and a call to action. onelife as a company empowers people to make the most of their time on this planet. We’re creating platforms, products and experiences to help individuals unlock their inner clarity & resources to lead extraordinary lives. Currently, our social project ‘During my onelife, I…’ is quickly becoming very popular throughout the world. Visit our website to learn more and add yours today! Journey on.



everyhuman is a new kind of school for executives, founders, teams and other ambitious individuals. We’re reimagining connection and we help people cultivate deeper bonds with themselves while also doing the same with others + the planet. We’re developing an entire ecosystem to help you on your journey of discovery. Currently, we offer cohort-based learning experiences, both virtually and in person, to Fortune 100 companies & tech startups grounded in scientific research and life experiences. We’ve also successfully helped a few top companies launch + scale their own wellness & meaningful workplace initiatives with much much more to come!




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The stage is one of those places where I feel most alive & fulfilled yet completely humbled. I've shared the stage with some of the greatest minds of our time, including acclaimed visionaries and NYT bestselling authors whose words and projects have inspired and influenced billions. 


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