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Alex Echols is available for keynote speaking and facilitation engagements around the world. He is an ever evolving subject-matter expert using a compelling mix of levity, evidence-based research, practices and rich life experiences to connect deeply with global audiences.

Alex has spoken and facilitated at dozens of companies throughout the world including Disney, International School of Panama, Nike, SalesLabX, Hewlett Packard, Walker & Dunlop and many many more.

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The 4 Unspoken Laws of Influential Leadership


The Bold Truth About Stress: How to Use it to Thrive at Work & Home


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I am first and foremost a student before teacher. I am dedicated to my path and all the tools & practices that I share with audiences. Some of my top favorite tools include gratitude, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and self-compassion. I am very humbled and grateful to all my teachers and mentors that have supported me on my journey. I could not do this work without them.


From childhood ... storytelling and writing have always been some of my biggest passions  - they’re my jam! And over the years, I’ve continued to deepen in my craft and I’ve also become a bestselling author.


One of my top & favorite skills as a speaker-facilitator is taking complex topics and making them simple & easy to pick up. In each talk, I explain the science and evidence behind the topics in a way that people can understand and actually use.


I’ve traveled to 55 countries and have lived in 9. My life experiences and deep training continue to allow me to connect with a wide-range of audiences globally to support people on their journeys.



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Alex has spoken and facilitated at SEVERAL companies throughout the world. Check out some of the praise and appreciations below:

"A ‘Top Three’ leadership program that I’ve ever done!"

“Thank you so much for spending the time with our team, sharing experiences and giving us the time and grace to collect ourselves. I am grateful to have found you.”

Director of Talent @ Sigma Computing

“Thank you Alex for making the program such a life transforming experience!”


"Thank you so much for the experience. I will take it day by day and I look forward to the next one."

Product Director @ Nike

2022 Everyhuman Cohort Participant

“Those sessions put everything together for me. All the work I’ve been doing over the past year made a lot more sense after them.”


“Thank you for your brilliant teaching. I will treasure this experience. I am grateful to you for providing the space and heart for some vulnerable sharing.”

Leadership & Executive Coach
@ Marshall Goldsmith Coaching

“Thank you Alex! You are a gifted communicator.”

2023 Partner Talk

"I'm now in the NOW. You are an inspiration!"

-Direct of Growth @ Wellbeing at Work

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